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The Bridgnorth Sixth Form


Introducing… The Bridgnorth Sixth Form 2018

We have launched our new extended Sixth Form for the Bridgnorth area. We are extending the offer currently available for Sixth Form students in our area. We have made this decision after reviewing what post-16 courses are available in the town and local area and also after assessing the needs of our students and others in the vicinity. 

"We are extending this provision from firm foundations," explained Mrs Godden Executive Headteacher. "Our school has achieved some very strong results built from great specialist teaching." Our school was ranked second for A levels and first for vocational results in the DFE Shropshire tables last year.

We have recently run courses that have focused on the usual Sixth Form A levels. We have provided a small number of vocational courses over the years, which have been very successful, but have only made up a minority of their provision.  Our new Sixth Form will increase the offer, to extend the number of vocational courses, which will allow an increased number of local students to find courses that suit them within the area.   

"We are choosing a new range of courses from the areas of Health and Social Care, Applied Science, Sports, Visual Arts, Business, MFL and ICT. In particular we will be increasing our range of vocational level 3 courses. We are also considering how we could further broaden our existing A level offer," said Lisa Thomas, Principal Deputy. Traditional A levels have changed recently following the government shake-up to examinations. This has increased the subject content and academic difficulty of A levels, which we feel makes the addition of some other courses a sensible move at this time.  

Mrs Bishell, our Head of Sixth Form, is pleased with the new plans. She said, "The increased range of subjects will mean that our Sixth Form should be more inclusive and we will be able to offer a good range of subjects for students achieving the new grade 4 and above in their GCSEs – including those highest performers at grade 9."

Our Trust (The Bridgnorth Area Schools' Trust) which runs our school has the stated aim of providing for the needs of young people in the area, including students of Sixth Form age.  

We have decided it is time to change the name of our Sixth Form, so that it is clear to young people in our area that our courses are available to them — rather than just to those who have attended the Oldbury Wells during Years 7 - 11.   

We held our launch event on Thursday 8th November 2018. and followed it with two open day events.

Our Bridgnorth Sixth Form Open Evening for 2020 entry is on Thursday 7th November 2019, 6pm – 8.30pm.