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Oldbury Wells Library and Learning Resources Centre is open from 8.45am until 4pm every day in term time. Librarian, Miss Madden, is on duty to help, advise and supervise at all times.

There are over 10,000 items catalogued on the Heritage Library Management System (LMS). The majority are books but we have a growing collection of DVDs.

Magazine subscriptions include Focus, Physics Review, Chemistry Review, Biological Sciences Review, Psychology Review and Geography Review.

Fiction books make up approximately one third of the book stock. We have a senior fiction section for our older students who are ready for a more mature and adult style of writing. General fiction for the rest of the students is organised alphabetically and by genre.

Non-fiction books are classified using the Dewey Decimal system favoured by libraries worldwide. A wide range and variety of curriculum subjects and interests are catered for. The Heritage LMS enables easy searching for, and retrieval of, most subjects and requests that students come up with items are borrowed and returned through the LMS using bar codes.

The Library has a suite of 50 networked computers. All have Internet access (restricted for younger students) as well as the programs and software available elsewhere in the school. 30 of these computers are reserved for Years 12 and 13 to do their private study during the school day. Computers are booked for classes to use during school hours.

Students from all years can apply to become a Student Librarian, helping with a range of activities in the library such as organising literary events, creating displays and issuing and returning books. The Library also runs a shop for students, selling a range of stationery items at competitive prices.