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You may know about the partnership between Telford College and Oldbury Wells School.

Following feedback from the survey, we are excited to announce an offer of study for Maths, Physics and Digital through Telford College, based at Oldbury Wells School from September 2024.

To express your interest, please click on the image by Friday, 24 May 2024 and attend our information event at 5.00pm on Monday, 17 June at Oldbury Wells School.

Keele University will also be attending the event to provide advice and guidance for career progression and learning pathway options.

Find out about your progression opportunities and our new Digital & Maths Skills Hub opening September 2024 in Telford’s town centre.

General enquiries:

Consultation on the potential closure of Bridgnorth 6th Form 

from September 2025 

The Trustees and Governors of Trusted CSAT Alliance and Oldbury Wells School have put together the following information to help parents, staff, students and other interested parties’ understand the reasons for consideration of potential closure. 

Documentation outlines consideration of no new student intake in September 2024 and potential closure in September 2025.   

There would be no impact on existing Year 12&13 students who would complete all qualifications) 

Full Consultation Documentation