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About Our Subject

The Maths department at Oldbury Wells School are committed to helping students of all Mathematical abilities to develop mastery in a range of topic areas. We work hard to enable students to develop problem solving and reasoning skills so that they are able to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar contexts with resilience and curiosity. We believe it is important to help students to acquire fluency in the numeracy and other mathematical skills required for day to day life. 


Students will work on a mastery curriculum that builds on the Number and Geometry & Measures skills that they have learned at primary school, and that explores areas such as Statistics & Probability and Algebraic Skills in much greater depth. Problem solving is embedded throughout the teaching of KS3 Mathematics.  


Students study the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics course, at a tier most appropriate to them. Some students studying higher tier Mathematics at GCSE may also take an additional level 2 Further Mathematics qualification which will help them with the transition to A level mathematics.