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Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve at Oldbury Wells School!

League tables published this month showed Oldbury Wells excelling again with very high league table results.

League tables published this month showed Oldbury Wells excelling again with very high league table results.  Our school motto, ‘Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve’ is certainly most fitting. Every parent wants their child to achieve their potential and do well at school. At Oldbury Wells for four consecutive years now, we have delivered excellent GCSE results for our pupils. 

As a school, we can offer pupils and families the confidence of knowing that their child can get good GCSE results and fulfil their potential. 

The Department for Education publish exam results in league tables each year so that parents can make proper choices about a quality school for their child. For Oldbury Wells, the Government data shows that all indicators for ‘Progress 8’ are positive. Since the Progress 8 measure was introduced four years ago, Oldbury Wells has consistently achieved an overall positive figure. Since the changes to GCSE, Oldbury Wells has continued to secure strong positive results for their pupils. 

Lisa Thomas, Principal Deputy said, “The results are for the students; they are for their futures. With strong results, our students have a firm foundation which gives them greater options and choices at all stages of their lives.” She went on to say, “Good results bring with them choice and confidence and a positive start for their next stage. It means students are better prepared for their next steps into adult life .”

Sarah Godden, Executive Headteacher, commented, “The staff at the school are again proud of their students’ achievements and we are all really pleased to be able to offer consistent high-quality education to our current students and to our future students.”

The Students at Oldbury Wells certainly have high aspirations too. Three of our students have secured offers at top universities Oxford and Cambridge this year. Our Sixth form is flourishing with many more students joining the Sixth form from other schools last year. We offer the only Sixth Form provision in our town now, through our ‘Bridgnorth Sixth Form’. Oldbury Wells’ Parents know their school is able to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations right through to goals such as top university entrance.