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Introduction from Mr Tristham

Firstly, can I pass on my hope that you are managing through what I know has been a very difficult time.  Covid-19 has impacted us all; with many of you knowing directly or through friends and family those hit the hardest.

Re : Introduction from Mr Tristham.


Firstly, can I pass on my hope that you are managing through what I know has been a very difficult time.  Covid-19 has impacted us all; with many of you knowing directly or through friends and family those hit the hardest.  As a school and community we are extremely grateful for the support that everyone has been able to give during this time.  The positive impact that working together has had on our lives gives us all hope for the future; our thoughts and thanks go out to all.


I write to introduce myself as the new Headteacher at Oldbury Wells School from September, working alongside Mrs Godden who continues her role as CEO of the TrustEd Schools Partnership (  The opportunity to work with her and the wider school team is something I am very much looking forward to.  Our aim is to ensure that as we move towards our return to school in September, we respond to Government guidance ensuring the very best levels of support for all children; I hope that everyone is looking forward to their return, albeit under current unusual circumstances.


Our plans moving forward will ensure everyone returns into a safe environment where all are fully supported; acknowledging initially schools will look a little different.  I have already had the opportunity to work closely with the team to consider continued actions we will take over the weeks ahead, mindful that Government advice will constantly be reviewed and amended.  As Parents you will shortly be receiving information which outlines the specific arrangements which will be in place at the start of September as part of our Re-Engage and Reboot Programme which aims to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of how we will work together for a positive start to the new term.

My overarching aim is to support all children to further gain in confidence and ASPIRE to make the best progress in all they do within a safe, caring and supportive school.  Our school has high expectations and high levels of achievement and I will ensure that ENJOYMENT remains at the heart of their success.  We provide high quality experiences through an exciting curriculum and extensive wider opportunities, I will ensure that Oldbury Wells School remains a great place to be and a great place to learn.  I hope to celebrate with you your child’s  ACHIEVEMENTS in all aspects of their academic and personal development, ensuring they are fully prepared to move forward taking their place in today’s diverse society.

I want to reassure you, that despite the organisational changes all schools face, my aims remain the same.  In recent weeks I have been privileged to see the amazing work of students at Oldbury Wells School and Bridgnorth Sixth Form; they have been working incredibly hard, our recent journal captures some of their fantastic achievements.  My thanks goes to you all for your support, and to the team at Oldbury Wells who have ensured the best provision during challenging times.  I have no doubt that the provision of work and additional safeguarding procedures, alongside the commitment of your child, will ensure that all children are in the strongest position for when we return to school.

A further aim is to ensure that you as Parents, alongside everyone within the community, can celebrate the success of our students and school.  To support this, I have been working with the team to upgrade the school website and introduce a number of social media platforms. Please use the links below to take the opportunity to see the updates so far :



Our aim is to have everything completed for the start of the new academic year, with more updates taking place over the Summer holiday allowing us to more regularly share with you the achievements of all.


I very much look forward to meeting with you and sharing your child’s journey with us.  Their health and wellbeing at this time are the most important thing, we will be doing all we can to safeguard a smooth return to school, knowing that they will be hugely successful at Oldbury Wells School during what will undoubtedly be positive times ahead.

Finally, can I use this opportunity to wish Miss Thomas all the very best for her retirement, I know she has committed so much to the school over the years and will leave us with tremendous pride in everything the school has achieved.  

Take care and keep safe, I look forward to meeting you from September!

Yours sincerely

Mr Lee Tristham