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New Year 7 Starters

Firstly, can I say that I am very excited that we are just one day away from the start of our new term.

Dear New Parents,


Firstly, can I say that I am very excited that we are just one day away from the start of our new term. I just wanted to give you some last-minute logistical notices to ensure that tomorrow runs smoothly and safely.

I have had a few emails over the summer and would like to give the same information to all parents.


Coaches will be running as of tomorrow to bring those students who have requested transport to and from school. Students will need to wear face coverings as per government guidelines when travelling on all school transport.

Bus passes will be given to students in the upcoming days, so please do not panic if you have not yet received your child’s bus pass. All students who have applied will be allowed to travel on the coaches to school.


We understand that there have been some occasions where uniform has been difficult to obtain for several reasons. If this is the case, please do send me an email just to explain the issues that you have experienced. Full school uniform is expected from Wednesday 2nd September, including school shoes, blazer and school tie.

Arrival & collection:

We are looking forward to seeing all of our student’s tomorrow morning, I do understand that this is also a time of stress for many. We will have staff on the bus park awaiting all students coming in by coach and they will be directed to the west playground where all students will be starting their day.

If Students are being dropped off by car / making their own way into school, then we are requesting that they make their way to the West entrance gate where we will greet them and take students to the west playground meeting point. All year 7 form tutors will be awaiting students and registering them at this point.


Thank you to all those who have taken up the option of purchasing the equipment packs. These will be distributed to students during the day tomorrow, along with their planners and timetables.

Year 7 students WILL NOT need to bring a PE kit on Wednesday 2nd September.


I am really looking forward to starting the new chapter tomorrow,


Chris Smith

Head of Year 7