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What is DofE?

Here at OWS, we are delighted to offer students the opportunity to complete their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The Awards give students the opportunity to try new activities, develop key life skills, improve their confidence and support their local community. By allowing participants to demonstrate traits such as resilience, creativity, teamwork and courage, the DofE Award acts as a symbol of a young person’s strengths beyond the curriculum and thus is recognised by employers, colleges and universities as a prestigious qualification.

The DofE is run separately to the school curriculum, by a small team of dedicated staff. The DofE is currently managed by Miss Ransom and coordinated by Miss Edwards.

What to do we offer at OWS?

We are proud to be able to offer Yr9 students the chance to complete their Bronze Award here at OWS, whilst Yr10 students can complete the Silver Award. On average, both the Bronze and Silver take one academic year to complete. Participants can then go on to complete the Gold Award at sixth form college or university.

A large proportion of the Award is participant led, meaning that it is completed independently by students with support and guidance from DofE staff. The expedition section is organised and run by DofE staff, and supported by OWS.

Notices and Updates

(Last updated 7th March 2022)

  • Parents should watch the online parents evening for updated expedition info.
  • Yr9 Bronze students should have completed two out of three sections of their Award. Once complete, students need to contact their assessor to complete an assessors report. This can be done at
  • Yr10/11 Silver students should have completed one of three sections and submitted an assessors report.
  • All students should have completed expedition training. Any students who have missed a session will need to attend a catchup session at lunchtimes (Routes - Tues 8th March, Campcraft Wed 9th March, Thurs 10th March).
  • Any expedition groups that haven't completed their route cards need to do so by 11th March 2022.
  • Students should speak to parents to check they have the correct kit. If you are missing anything, speak to Miss Ransom.
  • All bronze payments should have been paid by 4th March.
  • All silver payments should be paid by 18th March.

Bronze Information

Silver Information

Access Calendar

Visit the DofE Website

What do we look for in DofE participants?

The DofE Awards are inclusive and flexible, meaning that every student is eligible to take part regardless of academic or physical ability. The DofE can be adapted to suit every personality and physicality, so please speak to DofE staff if before enrolment if you have a concern or question.

However, to give students the best chance of completing the Award, we look for participants to have the following qualities:

  • Time management and punctuality
  • Self-motivation
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • A positive attitude
  • Self-reflection

When applying, students and parents will be asked to sign an agreement in regard to expectations whilst completing the DofE Award. These are in line with the OWS Code of Conduct. Any participants who challenge these expectations, may be asked to complete their Award with another licenced organisation.

Students who have a high number of behaviour points in relation to poor effort, HL or attitude should consider carefully whether they are willing to put in the time and effort needed to complete the Award, and there may be conversations between DofE staff and students about suitability before enrolment.

Questions or queries?

The DofE is run separately to the school curriculum. Information and questions linked to the DofE should be directed to Miss Ransom ( or Miss Edwards ( PLEASE NOTE: Heads of year and pastoral staff are not involved in the management of the DofE programme.

You can find even more information about the DofE on their website