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Marble Run Competition

Here are the winners of our marble run competition.

Over the lockdown period, Year 7 and 8 students were set a marble run challenge to complete at home. They began by collecting lots of spare cardboard and other materials, such as bottles and jars, from which to construct their own marble run!

Their brief was to make a marble run and time how long it took for the marble to reach the bottom. The challenge was to get the marble to travel for as long as possible. To produce the best outcome, students had to consider factors such as potential energy, friction and angles. We saw some lots of fantastic entries from our students with lots of different innovative ideas such as using kitchen roll tubes, wooden boards, marbles, cocktail sticks to slow down the momentum, and using cardboard and bending it in different ways. Pictured are the winners of the challenge.

To see a range of entries, you can watch the Marble Run Video here: 

Congratulations to the winners! 


Gold Award

Max Morgan - Year 8



Oliver Aubrey - 7X

Dylan Curley - 7Y

George Darby - 8X

Charlie Veal - 8Y


Runners Up

Will Oliver - 7X

Molly May Thompson - 7Y

Jonah Hunt - 8X

Jacob Jones - 8Y